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Tea ceremony at MANG’ANIMES

I participated in the Japanese culture event ‘MANG’ANIMES’ at Nimes last weekend. It was the first time to do the demonstration of Tea ceremony on the stage surrounded by lots of people. I hope the participants got interested in the traditional Japanese culture as same as the pop culture. Thank you for having me atContinue readingTea ceremony at MANG’ANIMES

Flower arrangement on Jan 10 @Sushi-bar

The season of mimosa has already come this year! It’s a bit earlier than last year, maybe as it is much warm in this winter I guess. The mimosa is delicate as for the scent and the form, but also dynamic concerning the vivid color and the power itself. I hope this flower fills aContinue readingFlower arrangement on Jan 10 @Sushi-bar

Flower arrangement for the third week @Sushi-bar

I chose the flowers of cosmos for the ikebana work this week as this flower reminds me of the splendid scenery in autumn in Japan. They usually bloom in the middle of September in my hometown, and I saw them at the riverside nearby my parents’ house every autumn. They were very beautiful especially inContinue readingFlower arrangement for the third week @Sushi-bar

Flower arrangement for the second week @Sushi-bar

We saw the beautiful full moon last Saturday at Montpellier. In Japan, we consider the full moon in September the most beautiful in a year, so viewing the full moon in autumn is one of the popular customs for Japanese. We decorate the miscanthus as it is regarded as a holly plante in Japan, andContinue readingFlower arrangement for the second week @Sushi-bar

Ikebana workshop at musée japonais

I held an ikebana workshop at musée japonais in Castelnau-le-Lez. We spent a wonderful time there surrounded by nature, and everyone could concentrate on each creation of ikebana. Thank you very much for this great opportunity to appreciate the precious Japanese art collection and to create the ikebana work in such amazing surroundings. musée japonais18Continue readingIkebana workshop at musée japonais

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