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Interview by Flower Club

I got acquainted with Julia who is the president of Flower Club through the Instagram, and she wrote the great article about my ikebana activity in France. Thank you very much Julia for introducing my flower work in Montpellier on the superb website! I really appreciate this occasion. Please check out her wonderful article andContinue readingInterview by Flower Club

Flower arrangement for the second week @Sushi-bar

The flowers of sword lily reach full bloom! As this flower is much longer with lots of buds than another flowers, we can barely see full bloom until the edge of the flowers. I also adopted the fruit of lotus and flowers of den phal for this work. Every material has a strong personality, butContinue readingFlower arrangement for the second week @Sushi-bar

Flower arrangement for the third week @Sushi-bar

I chose the flowers of cosmos for the ikebana work this week as this flower reminds me of the splendid scenery in autumn in Japan. They usually bloom in the middle of September in my hometown, and I saw them at the riverside nearby my parents’ house every autumn. They were very beautiful especially inContinue readingFlower arrangement for the third week @Sushi-bar

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