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Category: Non classé

Flower arrangement on Jan 10 @Sushi-bar

The season of mimosa has already come this year! It’s a bit earlier than last year, maybe as it is much warm in this winter I guess. The mimosa is delicate as for the scent and the form, but also dynamic concerning the vivid color and the power itself. I hope this flower fills aContinue readingFlower arrangement on Jan 10 @Sushi-bar

Ikebana at Japan Matsuri 2022

I will participate in the event of Japan Matsuri 2022 on Oct 22 et 23 and exhibit the ikebana works under the theme of Harvest Autumn. I will also organize the ikebana workshop on Saturday from 2p.m. As for the workshop, the reservation is required in advance as the capacity is up to 6 people.Continue readingIkebana at Japan Matsuri 2022

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