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Ikebana and tea ceremony at musée japonais

I organized the workshop of ikebana and the tea ceremony at musée japonais last weekend. We practiced the ikebana with the branches of Japanese winterberry which are often used for Christmas in France and for the New Year in Japan. Then, we shared the serene moment while the tea ceremony. I am very happy toContinue readingIkebana and tea ceremony at musée japonais

Ikebana lesson on Oct 8

We practiced the ikebana work with flowers of Gladiolus this week. This flower is also called ’Sword lily’ as the leaves look like a sword. Since this plant has voluminous flowers and tall, it was a bit difficult to fix the stems on the pinholder ‘kenzan.’ However, the participants handled well with this challenge andContinue readingIkebana lesson on Oct 8

Flower arrangement for the fourth week @Sushi-bar

I used the large leaf of Japanese aralia this week with some flowers that has the fall tints. Japanese aralia is called ‘ Yatsude‘ in Japanese which literally means 8 hands as it looks like a hand with 8 fingers. I realized that the colors of each flower gets darker little by little as autumnContinue readingFlower arrangement for the fourth week @Sushi-bar

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